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    The Eternal Quest For Aether, The Cosmic Stuff That Never Was /Link

    Aristotle called it the fifth element. Alchemists thought it was the key to the philosopher's stone. Scientists believed it was the stuff light moved through. But it never existed at all.

    Published on 19 Oct 2018 at 09:24PM

    Chengdu skyline aerial view image image image Barbed wire and North Korean national flag DPRK image image image image image A woodcut engraving depicting the Twelfth Key of the Legendary Basil Valentine, symbolising the successful making of the Philosophers Stone Portrait of Isaac Newton... Powerful and Colorful Light Refraction image Milky Way UKRAINE-NUCLEAR-SOLAR-ENERGY-ECONOMY An aerial view of the Oyster Creek Gener image Oil Tanker Silhouette Wind Turbines On Field Against Sky During Sunset MOROCCO-TECHNOLOGY-SOLAR-NOOR Man taking medicine pill artificial photosynthesis Urban Smog in Delhi image

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