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    The line between food and medicine is blurrier than ever — and the FDA needs to step up its game /Link

    Is tea medicine? What about special Collagen Beautèa that promises to support your bones? This week, The Wall Street Journal reported on the growing popularity of foods and beverages enhanced with collagen, an ingredient used in wrinkle cream that hasn’t really been proven to be helpful when you eat it. The line between “food” and “medicine” has always been blurry, and, traditionally, the US Food and Drug Administration only regulates the latter. But as people start chasing foods with more fanciful health promises, it’s time that the FDA takes a closer look before we waste our dollars and endanger our health.

    Though collagen is a protein found in bones, it is most commonly known for being an ingredient in skin cream, often to prevent...

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    (@)Angela Chen

    Published on 16 May 2018 at 07:23PM

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