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    The one place on the avocado to squeeze to tell whether it's fully ripe /Link

    You squeeze an avocado at the supermarket. It feels both firm and squishy. You think to yourself: “Why, yes! This is a perfect avocado ready for myaward-winning guacamole.” Then you return home, slice the avocado open and discover to your horror that this seemingly fully ripe avocado is, in fact, not. Your guacamole…


    (@)Kevin Pang on The Takeout, shared by Kevin Pang to The A.V. Club

    Published on 03 Feb 2018 at 11:03PM

    Avoid fumbling at your Super Bowl party with our expert guacamole tips Our favorite award-eligible stories from <i>The Takeout</i> this week Last Call: David Tyree&#39;s helmet catch and how to fry chicken like a pro

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