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    The original return of the Jedi ending and cultural relativism /Link

    I for the one think the changes made in the special edition of the return of the jedi was for the better, especially the music

    The original music was just a bunch of obnoxious ewok chanting. Nobody in their right mind thinks this is actually good music maybe except for George Lucas who is some hollywood MUH MULTI CULTURAL liberal.Its people like George Lucas that thinks shit like autistic african native screeching, which was the inspiration for the ewoks, is actually good music that you can defend objectively. At the same time, the Ewoks also reflect other barbaric savage behaviors of such African natives, such as eating and killing sentient beings(like humans) and torture, however, these natives, not being white, is completely allowed to do just that in the eyes of George Lucas because of their afro heritage.

    So, all in all, much like native tribes in Africa, who go around, eat other humans and autistically screech in the place of music, George Lucas thinks such are signs of a genius civilisation because they aren't white, and got inspiration from fhem for the Ewoks, whom he depicts the the pinnacle of civilisation and used their music for what was supposed to be an emotional scene at the end of return of the jedi

    I'll ask you this, at an important emotional moment in your life, such as your college graduation, a funeral or a wedding, would you want a bunch of cannibalistic animal abusing african tribesmen yelling out "HAMBU HAMBU HAL HAHBU BHAU HMOPCHA HALALALALALA"?Because thats what the ewoks pretty much did at the end of the return of the jedi.


    Published on 10 Aug 2018 at 11:37PM

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