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    This Is the Exercise You Should Be Doing If You Want to Learn How to Deadlift /Link

    Deadlifts are arguably one of the best exercises to strengthen your core, legs, back, and glutes - hello, booty. A common way to perform a deadlift is with a barbell, but if you're new to strength training, you'll want to start with something a little easier in order to get the form down.

    To help you perfect your form, Michael B. Jordan's trainer Corey Calliet showed me a Romanian deadlift variation to teach you the basics.

    How to Do a Cable Machine Romanian Deadlift

    • Adjust the carriage so that it's at the bottom of the cable machine. Attach a triceps rope handle to the pulley on the carriage of a cable station. You should be facing the pulley.
    • Next, select the amount of resistance you want - 20 to 30 pounds is a great starting point. As you begin to become more comfortable with the movement, feel free to increase the weight.
    • Facing the pulley, grab the rope, and step approximately three feet away from the machine.
    • With a slight bend in your knees, slowly bend at your hips (this is a hinge movement pattern) as you simultaneously extend your arms forward. Your core should be engaged, and your back should be flat.
    • Then squeeze your glutes to stand back up as you simultaneously pull your elbows back (like you're performing a bent-over row). Pull with power, and continue to squeeze your glutes at the top to get full hip extension. Be sure to keep your core engaged.
    • This counts as one rep. Complete four sets of 12 reps.

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    Published on 15 Nov 2018 at 08:07PM

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