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    This video sums up why Ron Howard gets director credit for Solo: A Star Wars Story /Link

    Last June, Lucasfilm made a stunning announcement: directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had been fired from the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story, several months into filming, and were replaced by director Ron Howard. This video from Andrew Saladino’s YouTube film essay series The Royal Ocean Film Society helps outline why it’s Howard, rather than Lord and Miller, who gets credit as director for the film.

    Lucasfilm brought Lord and Miller onboard in 2015 to direct the film, and the pair were present throughout the pre-production and well into filming before they were fired and summarily replaced. Since then, it’s emerged that Lord and Miller will be listed as Executive Producers on Solo, rather than getting any sort of...

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    (@)Andrew Liptak

    Published on 16 May 2018 at 07:03PM

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