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    Vanity Fair sceenwriter defends decision to include racist scene in new ITV period drama and says it would have been 'cowardly' to remove it /Link

    (@)Jamie Merrill

    Published on 10 Aug 2018 at 09:00PM

    The Telegraph The Telegraph Olivia Cooke leads the cast of ITV's forthcoming Vanity Fair Olivia Cooke as Becky Sharp and Tom Bateman as Captain Radon Crawley in ITV's Vanity Fair Olivia Cooke as Becky Sharp in ITV's Vanity Fair Telegraph cartoons, August 2018 Pictures of the Day: 10 August 2018 Culture stars who died in 2018: from Lorrie Collins to Avicii A man kicks a flare at riot police during protests outside the government headquarters, in Bucharest, Romania A fire broke out at Chemring Countermeasures facility after the blast on Friday evening After sparking terror, the alleged culprit fell asleep A mosquito  Daniel Moore was sent the letter to inform him of a £60 fine, but found it was littered with spelling errors The Labour leader, as a backbench MP, said many would recognise the state of affairs Palestinians were under in the West Bank as being similar to those “who suffered occupation during the Second World War” Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has told Turks not to worry about the nosedive in the value of their country's currency, saying: 'If they have their dollars, we have our people, our God' Cracked wall Bristol University and King’s College London both had 100 courses with empty places Three members of the Grove and Rufford hunt were cleared on appeal  Jackie Reade, Pauline Reade’s niece, says a necklace returned 55 years after her death isn't hers New Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who replaced Jeremy Hunt last month A close-up of sacrificial cow displayed at a cattle market, ahead of the Eid al-Adha festival in Peshawar  Overseas millionaires prepping for doomsday apparently favour the climate, space and clean water available in New Zealand should disaster strike - but the government has had enough  Donald Trump with Omarosa Manigault Newman Indian born Shreyas Royal has been tipped as a future Grand Master Emmerson Mnangagwa is interviewed by the Telegraph Telegraph cartoons, August 2018 Please support us by disabling your adblocker

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