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    Very real smash leaks /Link

    Hey faggots im gonna spill the beans heres the list

    New characters
    -minecraft steve
    -mr fortnite
    -travis from no more heroes
    -reimu from the touhou project
    -edited picture of little mac
    -vault boy
    -joker from persona 5
    -lighting from final fantasy 13

    -Ken (ryu)
    -Ms. Pac Man (pac man)
    -Sans (Ness)
    -Minecraft Alex (Minecraft Steve)

    New stages
    - the end (minecraft)
    - baldi’s basics obby (roblox)
    - tilted towers (fornite)

    Ok thats all if you want proof you can tell im real because i picked shitty 3rd party characters that would never be in smash im just a weeb who likes to complain

    (@)Actual Faggot Leaker

    Published on 23 Sep 2018 at 01:41PM

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