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    Web Design Inspiration - Work of Adrián Somoza /Link

    Web Design Inspiration - Work of Adrián Somoza

    Web Design Inspiration - Work of Adrián Somoza
    abduzeedo Feb 07, 2018

    I have been posting more often about web design. There reason is, of course, I am in the process of redesigning the blog and I need some web design inspiration. For this post I'd love to feature the work of  Adrián Somoza, a senior designer @MediaMonks, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

    The work has a lot of style and some patterns that I've been noticing more often on sites like Dribbble and Behance that is the use of some modular design with clear blocks of colors. The motion design is another important feature of these designs. They tend to take advantage of the modular approach to create some subtle but yet beautiful transitions. Below I selected a few pieces to share with you

    Web design

    FreebieSenhoma prototype 3Senhoma prototypeSenhoma© - WIPSenhoma© - WIPSenhoma© - 04Mondriantastic motion 1Something new 2Nature encyclopedia wipNature encyclopedia wip octopusNature encyclopedia wip peonyNature encyclopedia wip auroraSomethingSomething newAnnouncing Design Consulting SessionsWeberbriquettes fivereasonsSpotify realpixelsBont styl landinganimationStrategery landing


    Published on 07 Feb 2018 at 05:13PM

    Freebie Senhoma prototype 3 Senhoma prototype Senhoma© - WIP Senhoma© - WIP Senhoma© - 04 Mondriantastic motion 1 Something new 2 Nature encyclopedia wip Nature encyclopedia wip octopus Nature encyclopedia wip peony Nature encyclopedia wip aurora Something Something new Announcing Design Consulting Sessions Weberbriquettes fivereasons Spotify realpixels Bont styl landinganimation Strategery landing Web Design & Branding: Heartbeat Agency CHI Development Center- UI/UX Nike 440 UI Design UI Design for the Web

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