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    What are your top ten screenplays? /Link

    What are your top ten screenplays?

    Also: are there any movie screenplays that present something of a Shakespearean quality?

    I find that there are many movies that present stories and characters as compelling as those of Shakespeare but one hardly sees the same exuberance of language being used. In the end I think that is exactly this language what makes Shakespeare so unparalleled an artist (not saying all the other aspects of his art are not important, but what strikes me as awe-inspiring is, above all else, his language).

    “Groundhog Day” is greater a comedy than anything Shakespeare wrote in the comic genre (because of it’s premise); “When Harry met Sally” is probably a better romantic comedy than any of those we find in Shakespeare (again, the premise of that movie is what kills it); Citizen Kane could be compared to his great tragedies in character and scope, as well as The Godfather, or The Blue Angel, or Scarface, however Shakespeare always has his sublime verbal inventiveness to astound us, what puts him on a league of his own. Because of his language, even plays with weak plot and uninteresting characters end up having a lot of worth.

    Some movies whose screenplay I find very poetic (but still not at the same level as Shakespeare) are:

    >Sweet Smell of Success
    >The Hospital
    >Les Enfants du Paradis

    I can think of several great screenplays, but none of them quite “poetic” (in the verbal fireworks kind of poetry).

    Any suggestions?


    Published on 13 Nov 2018 at 04:29PM

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