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    With Brexit looming, energy sector builds new links to Europe /Link

    Thanks to new interconnectors, imports could soon account for fifth of UK electricity needs

    While Westminster attempts to deliver Brexit within months, the UK’s energy system is set to become dramatically more dependent on the EU just as Britain leaves.

    Today, four cables – known as interconnectors – between the UK and Ireland, France and the Netherlands have a capacity of 4GW, providing around 6% of Britain’s power supplies. However, with 11 new connections linking the UK and other European countries either under construction or mooted by developers, imports could provide more than a fifth of the country’s electricity needs by 2025, the government expects.

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    (@)Adam Vaughan

    Published on 18 Aug 2018 at 03:00PM

    National Grid is behind three of 11 proposed new cables to connect the UK to Europe’s electricity supply.

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